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Auto Cleaning

• Interior cleaning:
– Inner shampoo: We give your seats the radiance and color of the first day’s thanks to a cleaning eliminating all stains, halos and encrusted bacteria. 
– Luster: Restore shine to your car thanks to our ecological treatment « shine body ». It is advisable to polish regularly to avoid tarnishing of your bodywork.
– Rims: They require regular and efficient maintenance. We make them shine and make them look original.
– Tires: Often tarnished by daily commutes. We make them clean and bright.

• Exterior cleaning
– Pare-shock: This is the main scapegoat of your vehicle. We take care to restore the original brightness.
– Plastics: Over time, interior plastics lose their original appearance. Our treatment rejuvenates them and makes them their original shade.
– Leather: Do not let die your leather and entrust us to make it live thanks to a treatment guaranteeing you the result.
– Safe: This is the most spacious place of your vehicle. We treat every nook and cranny.
– Dashboard: Choose a total shine by getting rid of dust embedded in the most inaccessible corners.
– Windows: Cleaning glass surfaces (exterior windows, front and rear windshields, mirrors) with a cleaning solution and disinfectant guaranteed without a trace and anti-rain.
– Doors: Door panels lose their luster over time. We treat them and give them a brilliant shine.